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This doesn’t mean necessarily setting up a fancy ‘do (unless of course your agents work for an airline company or another business that encourages it).But you do want your agents to make sure that their hair is brushed and sitting relatively flat and/or together when they are on camera.Bits of hair sticking up out of place or flyaway strands can be incredibly distracting and even irritating to some customers.Having hair in your face is an even bigger faux pas, and one that can create an unprofessional image and even ruin the point of video chat (if your customer can’t see your agent’s face, then why call in with video chat in the first place? Encourage your agents to check how their hair looks on camera before they begin a call, and to make any last-minute touchups at that time.Customer service isn’t known for being a particularly fashionable industry (not that it couldn’t be – most companies have a handful of agents who truly know how to dress to impress).

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Being able to diplomatically handle these issues means that there is a higher chance that your company’s video chats will be perceived professionally.

And the appearance of your video chat agents can be a tricky subject for managers to navigate.

Giving direction on someone’s appearance has traditionally been reserved for the realm of bricks and mortar shops.

Since live chat can benefit your business in so many ways, you probably are considering adding live chat to your website.

But before making the final decision, you can refer to our latest live chat benchmark report based on millions of chat interactions from companies all around the globe.

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