Updating usb ports

With Intense loads like a television or laptop running off this small battery pack, The risk of over discharging seems pretty high to me, Not to mention i don't think it would last long enough to be very useful for such intense loads.I would think a few 6 battery series packs could be put in parallel, having each individual cell balanced.(i understand you probably know most of these things, I just thought i may as well say it anyway just for other people to read as well)Wow this is awesome.This week we are building Slim Panel, an intelligent all-in-one solution for portable solar energy production.Slim Panel has all the needed components inside a portable 1 inch enclosure.), just google for 18650 explosion to see what I mean. This way i can grab the power pack without having to bring the whole solar panel. Sooo 2a H divided by .6818 will give 2.9 hrs of usage if you use the entire 150 watts continously. I've used the space behind a solar panel to warm up/ pre-heat water.As it is, your construction is an accident waiting to happen, the pack WILL become unbalanced!!! How does the high temp in that space affect the components, especially the batteries and their charging circuit?(But no good for off grid)need to be extremely careful about connecting any power charge to the grid . Just have the Arduino or Edison cut off the power if the batteries get into the dangerous temps.The cells you have there, Don't have over discharge protection for each individual cell, The fact the cells aren't balance charged can lead to killing the batteries cell by cell, There are protection circuits you can purchase for each cell, which would ensure no single cell could be over discharged, Vastly improving the lifetime of your battery pack.

It uses an Arduino for its brains and can be upgraded to work with the Intel Edison Io T. My reason for building this project is to develop and deliver a cheaper alternative for non-renewable energy.

People can use it as a source of electricity wherever they choose to go.

In my opinion, this is an important tool for survival. This is our investigatory project for our physics class in High School.

Look on ebay for a '6S' protection pcb (Since you are using 6 cells in series). I made a similar panel system but mine is only usb but is simpler. I want to ask you can you give me link of the 18650 batteries you bought?

The cheap cells you are using are especially dangerous (there is a reason branded cells cost each! Hog-Stakes-8-Pack/dp/B006ZC5KLGmy doubt is how with a 20W panel can you provide power to a computer and a television, by my count a panel would need more power, at least 150 w to be able to have the television and the PC connected at most during /- 3 hours. I hooked up the usb car charger directly to the solar panel leads and through usb charged a portable power pack. I'm hoping that they are cheaper than to buy a laptop battery and disassemble it or to buy fake capacity batteries from ebay. ;))))simple enough 220 volts 150 watts you divide 150 watts by 220 volts you get .6818 amp he has 2000 ma H batteries or more simply 2 a H.

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