True beginnings dating service

When the housing market collapsed and the banks began pulling back credit we did not fully comprehend how that would affect our business model. As with all online dating sites some people used the services and huge numbers of other individuals just never bothered to cancel.

It is the cornerstone of the industry, people are lazy.

The cards they didn't cancel pulled the credit down.

This meant that we didn't have traditional goodwill or free traffic organically that had been built up year after year.

So when we could not advertise at high levels any longer we could no longer replace the clients we had. True was around four hundred and fifty employees when the recession hit and we were very reluctant to let any of them go. In the online dating space that really means you need to cut your staff by the same amount which we just were not willing to do. It really was one of the key mistakes at True since the beginning. We spent money and had staff focusing on psychological testing, and continuous site improvements, better matching algorithms etc.

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