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Unless you’re Harry Potter and have a magic wand to wave around, then staring at her and doing nothing about it will not magically make her fall into your lap.

She will just think you’re creepy and kill any chance.

READ ALSO: Men, Never Do These Six Things On The First Date If you see someone you like and you make eye contact then you need to either approach her directly, or work the room and then approach her.

Never approach from behind, this is odd and will catch her off guard.

You can let your hair down (if you have any) and paint the town red.

If you play your cards right, then it is almost like being a butcher in a meat market: the pick is easy, singles are everywhere and people are out to have fun but it depends on what you are looking for.

One good tip is to think of a really happy time in your life and keep repeating it through your mind. If you can be honest with yourself then you will have an amazing time being single and will attract the right relationships that will bring you happiness.

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READ ALSO: Waiguru Is Not My Girlfriend – Uhuru Finally Speaks On Alleged Relationship The first question you need to ask yourself before going out is “What am I looking for?

” Are you looking to meet lots of singles, find your future wife or maybe just something casual? Just like productive people in plan their work and life in general, you need to set goals for your dates or nights out, and stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Having a wingman who is far better looking, more charming and better dressed is not ideal. Tap Your Inner Comedian Being a man of interest and adding value to someone else’s night will win you many friends and admirers.

Don’t be like everyone else and talk about the same old boring things like work, the weather, politics, blah, blah, blah!!!

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