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“Open G” is probably about the most dedicated recitation of how to tune a guitar you will hear in a song.Ray Wylie Hubbard can get away with singing about the same subject matter because his songwriting is so damn good.Ray Wylie Hubbard says himself on this record that ain’t nobody in the halls of commercial enterprise looking for his style of arcane country folk blues.

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It’s because when you start digging deeper into the modes and styles of American music, you discover crusty old criminally-overlooked guys like Ray infer even the most popular stuff.Bordertown girl on a silver Sunday Rubbing my back and pick up Monday Tuesdays I loved you Bordertown girl I'll change my ways I'll spend my nights thinking of the days And the ways I loved you I don't mind if you're crying I don't mind if you're lying If lying's what sets you free You don't got to be a walking star Bordertown girl at last I found you Well in the dim lights that surround you Finish your drink, well let me love you Bordertown girl I'll change my ways... At his homey log cabin tucked away on a Wimberley, Texas, hilltop, Ray Wylie Hubbard is wrapping up an interview when his cell phone starts playing “Sympathy For The Devil.” It’s Judy, his wife and label president.If anything, on Ray Wylie Hubbard doubles down on the approach of his recent records.“God Looked Around” is a direct retelling of the story of Genesis.

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