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The performances are uniformly good, and the female characters do not serve merely as ornamentation, but have their own opinions and express them vociferously.

It has a TV14 rating and is relatively free of foul language.

Nichols’ first major regular television role was in the short-lived police drama Blind Justice, where she played skeptical police officer Karen Bettancourt, the professional partner of blind Jim Dunbar (Ron Eldard).

In 2006, this was followed by a role in another short-lived police procedural drama In Justice, where she plays the role of Sonya Quintano, member of a team who fight to free those who have been wrongly convincted of crimes.

The premise is this: A Mexican-American family with a history of boxing live and love in their humble but pleasant East L. The other children include an older brother who is a trainer and ex-boxer (Mauricio Mendoza), a son in UCLA medical school (Nicholas Gonzalez), a daughter (Ruth Livier) who works as a secretary at a Beverly Hills law firm by day and cooks and cleans for the brood all other times, and a teenage daughter (Marisol Nichols) who has a knack for finding troublemaking vatos attractive.

The extended family includes Roberto's sister-in-law Bibi (Elizabeth Peña) and the now feeble-minded and mute Uncle Ruben (Daniel Zacapa), also an ex-boxer.

What's not quite right with it: The characters are all beautiful, thin, and appealing. The language is okay for kids, but there are enough sexual situations, not to mention the violence in and out of the boxing ring, to warrant an R rating. is not unlike any other family drama on regular network television.

Its soap-factor ranks right up there with the popular Providence (NBC) and 7th Heaven (WB).

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Born to Romanian and Mexican-American parents, she dealt with alcohol and drug addiction when she was just 12 years old, although she has remained sober since she turned 17.After auditioning four times for other roles, she finally played the character of the Pakistani-American CTU agent who became the organization’s head at one point, when Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) was terminated.She was also, at one point, the love interest of Milo Pressman (Eric Balfour).Her first film role was in the 1997 comedy Vegas Vacation, and has gone on to play roles in films like Scream 2, Bowfinger, The Road Home and Big Momma’s House 2.Her performance in the television film The Princess & the Marine earned her a best actress nomination from the ALMA Awards in 2001.

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