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I think you’ll like this book if: Even more than all these good reasons, I highlight this book as an example of what the world badly needs: clear, engaging advocacy of the methods of science and reason, as opposed to mysticism and obscurantism.Footnote: For my own views about the meaning of quantum mechanics, see my earlier blogpost “Schrödinger’s Rabbits”.Filed under: alienation, change, chaos, climate change, complacency, Events, futurist, irrationality, politics, predictability, pseudoscience, risks, Singularity, UKH , usability, vision — David Wood @ pm I shouldn’t have been surprised at the controversy that arose.The cause was an hour-long lecture with 55 slides, ranging far and wide over a range of disruptive near-future scenarios, covering both upside and downside.It also has important implications for the future of humanity. It gives reasons for believing that our universe exists alongside no fewer than different types of parallel universes.The “level 4 multiverse” is probably one of the grandest conceptions in all of philosophy.

The “losses” column included control, surveillance, oppression, directionless, and terrorism.

In the book “Our mathematical universe”, the mysteries being addressed are some of the very biggest imaginable: The author, Max Tegmark, is a Swedish-born professor of physics at MIT.

He’s made a host of significant contributions to the development of cosmology – some of which you can read about in the book.

One of the first questions from the floor, during the Q&A period in the meeting, asked why the risk of environmental destruction was not on the list of possible future scenarios.

This criticism was echoed by online comments: During his talk, I picked up on one of Ian’s comments about not being particularly concerned about the risks of global warming.

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