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For hominins, these external issues became relatively less important, the theory goes, while their ability to form coalitions, to have empathy and to behave in such a way as to win friendships from others became key to their survival.[10 Things That Make Humans Special] In this heavily social context, it became very important to be smarter than the competition. Unfortunately, scientists aren't so sure that an actual intelligent alien would be so benign.

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Charles Darwin suggested that perhaps males developed cleverness to attract females, much as a male peacock developed showy tail feathers to prove to potential mates that he could strut his stuff. could evolve a more efficient, yet just as clever, organ.

So perhaps intelligent aliens might be subject to alien parasites.

Flinn and his colleagues favor another theory, though.

They argue that humanity underwent a runaway cycle of brain evolution because of hominins' social nature.

The ecological dominance-social competition hypothesis works like this: Human ancestors reached a point in which their interactions with one another were the most important factor in whether they'd survive and pass on their genes.

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