Frequently asked questions about dating violence

We all want our Dartmouth community to be a place where everyone feels safe, included, and respected.

The Sexual Violence Prevention Project (SVPP) is an initiative to increase positive behaviors and ultimately end sexual assault, dating violence, harassment, and stalking on our campus. President Hanlon announced the initiative in January 2015.

Remember that you can also call the English or Spanish crisis lines. Please read more detailed information about our shelter on the Shelter Program page of this website. TPO stands for Temporary Protective Order and is a civil court order that limits the contact that an abusive person can have with the victim. To learn more about obtaining a TPO please read the frequently asked questions on the Legal Program page of this website.

Can I get a TPO if I do not have immigration documents? Obtaining a TPO is a civil action and not related to a person’s immigration status. S citizen and he tells me that I am undocumented and if I seek help he will have me deported. Using immigration status to control a victim is very common; you are not alone.

The victim does not need to be separated from the abuser while the petition is under consideration.

Anyone can be a victim of dating violence, regardless of age, race, or gender.No, but we can refer you to local agencies which offer English classes.In some relationships, the urge to control and dominate the other leads to dating violence, which triggers fear, insecurity and suffering.If you decide to leave the abuse, we would also help you in this process.And, if you have already fled an abusive situation, as a survivor you are also welcome.

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