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Quaint location in downtown Camden across from the old Courthouse. Be sure to take the ride down state highway 41 from Camden to Monroeville, you won't regret it.They are open 7 days a week (only through lunch on Sunday) and have both a buffet (that varies by the day) and menu order. The buffet is priced at per person, the menu prices are reasonable.Just the mention of this place makes our mouths water and we instantly start pining for another trip to Mickey's. The atmosphere is great, the food is great and inexpensive (try the Ozark Monte Christo), the service is enthusiastic and attentive, and unless you parachute in you can't get there without experiencing some of the finest riding in the country.I'm giving this 5 stars in every category without hesitation. The folks that own and operate this place are very entertaining and the gentleman who cooked our food also did some magic tricks for my son.This place can be a downer if you hit it on the wrong day but thankfully, there aren't many of those. It was a privilege to see his cooker, he built it, damn, make you want to just sit, admire and look/smell. When went through the line, no scales, just serve it up. Great rides through Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast, Lower Alabama back roads.[Note: Map location approximate]A hole-in-the-wall downtown hot dog shop that can feel as snug as an MRI machine, Pete's Famous has been dishing out cheap eats since 1920.It is located approx 2 miles up from Barber's Motorsports Park/Museum and another few miles from AL State 25, which is a fantastic road, most inviting for a sportbike but enjoyable as all get out on anything with two wheels. Asked for some of the bark and they knew what I wanted (try that in other so called Bar-b Que restaurants). My prediction, he is going to outgrow this place real quick. We first learned about it thanks to a Roadfooder who goes by the handle "The Don." The Don described Pete's hot dogs as "the absolute best in the land, perfectly grilled every time, always on a fresh steamed bun." He said that Pete's hot dogs are "so good I have to hit myself in the head with a brick to stop eating them." We can relate. They are modest-sized crisp-grilled weenies, loaded into soft steamed buns, and almost always served "all the way" with onions, sauerkraut, and tangy-sweet sauce, as well as a shot of mustard.

The fried, yes I said fried, pork chops are the best I have ever had. Cajun Boilers has always been one of my favorite eating joints. It's in a good location when traveling to or through Arkansas to ride the twisties. I've been eating at Cajun Boilers for many, many's ALWAYS great!This is a very friendly, clean & reasonable, little mom and pop store/cafe 1.6 miles off Talimena Scenic Drive at the intersection of 59 & 272. All food is cooked to order and breakfast is available all day.[Ed note: Some very fine riding nearby]It's a Biker themed restaurant.If you like seafood, order the deep fried halibut, it's excellent. Every entree is made with fresh ingredients nothing processed which is a nice change. So if are ever in the Huntsville - Decatur area & want some really good B-Q then this place is the one for you & your family :-)[Another reviewer adds:] Order anything BBQ... This place has won many BBQ awards...[Nav Mode Adds:] I'd give it 5's across the board. The Bogue's in the listing is the original Bogue's.They have the best deep fried mushrooms I've ever tasted. The owner is from Colombia and has added his family tradition and recipes to the menu. We had 7 in our party and the bill only came to and some change and no one went home hungry. There is also two more locations in the Birmingham area.

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