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The running joke on the set was that Mia needed a steady supply of “fresh babies.” Even after discovering the affair, she continued shooting.

She veered from wanting to work things out with Allen to threatening his life and her own.

Edna Junkins, the laughing therapist, takes laughter therapy very seriously.

She developed the following list of 65 ideas to make laughter therapy a part of your life on a regular basis. Tell someone how much you enjoy his/her laughter and sense of humor. Give your projects comical names like Quasimoto or Thumper.

Take on responsibility for the humorous thought for the day. Play "Teasing Telephone Tag" with someone by leaving outrageous messages. Find playful ways to lighten up conflict with co-workers Exaggerate and play with the issues that annoy you most. Wear funny underwear if it is a serious day or meeting and outer attire must match accordingly. Exaggerate your affection for your romantic partner. Laugh together at the funny things you see and experience on a stress Daily basis. Dance together in the living room, in the parking lot, on the street, in the mall. Practice hanging out together over a cup of coffee, a coke, or a glass of wine.

Have a laughter match with someone to see who can laugh loudest/longest. Read to each other before you go to sleep at night. Find some time during the day to enjoy a long passionate, romantic kiss. Develop lots of different, playful ways to say I love you. Look for humor around you--on signs, in people's behavior, on TV, in the newspaper, the things others say, the crazy things that happen to you. Learn to play with things that are serious like work, social issues, money, etc.

She phoned Allen, told him to stay away, and rushed back home with Satchel.

Then, last week, Dylan Farrow, now 28, posted an open letter, reviving her claims that when she was 7 Woody Allen molested her in an attic.

As this now-22-year-old scandal plays out again, it’s easy to forget just how complicated and dark the relationship between Woody and Mia really was.

She had no idea where her daughter was, and didn’t find out till the tabloids ran a picture of Soon-Yi outside Allen’s apartment. 4, 1992, Mia claimed that while she was out shopping, Allen had disappeared with Dylan for 15 to 20 minutes at their country home in Connecticut.

That day, Mia was scheduled to sign custody papers. This is insane.’ ” By then, this neo-Greek tragedy had been playing out for eight months, and no one aside from the immediate family and their closest friends knew. 13, when Allen felt Mia was trying to shake him down for million (a sum her lawyer disputed), he filed for custody of their three children, then leaked the filing to several outlets, including the New York Post.

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