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The key measurement here was what Malhotra calls “joint communication behavior.” If a message was sent from one person’s profile to another and it received a reply, that was deemed an indication of mutual dating interest.On Ok Cupid, according to Malhotra, by far the biggest predictor of interest is relative age.

"Without actually saying the words, I knew he would vote for Trump if it came down to it and that just ruined him for me."Allison, 25, doesn't need someone to take a particular stance but avoids extremes.Research shows that if your parents have different political beliefs, you’re more likely to be moderate, whereas if both parents have the same beliefs, it can make you more extreme.” Somewhat surprisingly, the study seemed to reveal that fiscal attitudes swayed people’s interest in a potential partner even more than social policy beliefs.Malhotra thinks this might be because religion can serve as a proxy for social values, making this aspect of the political divide less relevant than budget and tax priorities.According to a survey of 10,000 teens and millennials by the polling app Wishbone, 47 percent of people would not date someone with political beliefs that differ from their own.It's not just couples that have a problem with it—36 percent say their parents would care what political party their significant other belonged to.

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