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Providing student-centered, career-focused education Helping you achieve your goals, from enrollment through graduation and beyond In 2013, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that Virginia had 132 degree-granting institutions, broken down as follows: 40 public schools, 38 nonprofits and 54 for-profits.

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Capella University offers a variety of online degree programs up to the doctoral level, including healthcare, social work, business, counseling, and education.The schools themselves are some of Virginia’s most premier, including UVA, VT, GMU, JMU and William and Mary.The ECVA also serves as a launching point for what it calls “cross-institutional initiatives,” which are essentially opportunities for students to pursue courses and programs remotely at other schools that fall under the ECVA banner.These efforts make it one of the nation’s stand out school-to-school organizations.The VCCS, meanwhile, functions much like the ECVA but only at the community college level.

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